My Berkeley Tutor
Tutoring with Jonathan
Specializing in Biology, Algebra, Geometry, Spanish, and Test Prep

What I Do

Improve Student Grades and Confidence

Success creates more success

Academic Goal Setting and Coaching

Positive Attitude and Vision

Teaching Playfully and Patiently

Learning is best when it is fun

My name is Jonathan and I help students discover the pleasures of learning.  I work to find how students learn best and use those methods to maximize their ability to learn quickly.   I have successfully worked with various learning challenges and gear my teaching strategies to individual students. I creatively approach each subject and student, optimizing their learning style and needs.  I am patient and playful, and I strive to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Each tutor is unique. I believe that in order for a student to succeed that having a positive attitude and beliefs are crucial.  I help my students keep perspective and vision.  My goal for each student is to help teach them learn how to be better learners on their own.  

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